about conmecs

conmecs provides customer focused engineering, advisory and supervisory services for continuum mechanical problems.

With the maritime industry as a main focus, the services will be extended to all industries.

For continuum mechanical issues, the general physics are industry-independent and even the material properties are often similar. E.g., the fluid mechanical principles governing the air, temperature and velocity distribution in a ventilated reefer cargo hold, an airplane cabin, engine room or in a concert hall are the same. The solutions simply require a different geometrical and boundary set-up.

conmecs was founded in 2017 and the current service offering will be expanded in the near future. Please visit the website regularly to stay informed about the range of services!

How can we assist you?

Ask me for any continuum mechanical engineering, advisory or supervisory support!

conmecs advanced engineering services

engineering services

Currently, we are focused on solving problems related to fluid mechanics with state-of-the-art CFD software based on RANSE methods.

advisory services

advisory services

You ordered a CFD study from third parties and are not confident about how to assess the results? You are in discussions about a CFD documentation and need an independent expertise?

conmecs supervisory services

supervisory services

We can represent our customers at third party sites to supervise or inspect work during e.g. ship model tank tests. We know what to look out for and can make the right decisions for you.

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