Currently, we are focused on solving problems related to fluid mechanics with state-of-the-art CFD software based on RANSE methods.

Related structural problems can be solved in conjunction with a partner company specialized in structural mechanics.

Examples of our current maritime engineering services include:

  • Evaluation of energy saving devices (ESDs)
  • Room ventilation (e.g. reefer hold, engine room)
  • Propeller performance
  • Wake analysis
  • Resistance
  • Wash-water outflows (scrubber systems)
  • Smoke gas propagation
  • Rudder cavitation
  • Slamming loads
  • Sloshing loads
  • Wave and wind loads
  • Rudder loads

We can handle your whole continuum mechanics project or selected sub-projects such as 3D CAD modelling and / or numerical mesh generation.

Why should you ask us for assistance?

  • Our team members have on average 15 years of experience in the application of numerical methods and management of engineering projects.
  • Our services always focus on you -the customer- and your needs:
    • we choose the best (quality- and cost- optimized) solution for your specific problem
    • we limit the number of numerical simulations to the most relevant
    • we provide customized documentation packages (e.g. data-sheets, a presentation and/or a full report)