The exhaust emissions from ships are not only discussed in terms of GHG (greenhouse gas) reductions. The operators of offshore supply vessels (OSV) are concerned about their technical employees who work primarily on deck and are exposed to the exhaust. In addition to these health matters, yacht and cruise ship operators want to avoid that passengers be disrupted by the smell of exhaust gases.

For both, health and comfort matters, it is important that the flue gas on deck does not reach the intake area of ventilation systems, which would expose the gas below deck.

CFD analyses for different operating conditions, wind speeds and angle of attacks can be used to support the crew with a polar diagram of relative wind data, which should be avoided to prevent gas load for staff and passengers.

For ship newbuildings we recommend to address this issue in the early design stage – a new arrangement and/ or design of the funnel is the best way to improve the situation.

exhaust gas propagation of cruise liner during warm-up of engine
exhaust gas propagation of cruise liner during warm-up of engine
smoke gas propagation
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