Custom solutions – understanding the clients’ problem and acting according to their needs!

  • we are keen on assisting our customers by achieving their specific project goals. During the whole project process, we are always focused on the customers’ need. E.g., if we realize that a design does not achieve the desired functionality, we stop the investigation, discuss the interim results and change the design in coordination with the client. In all steps, we try to reduce the numerical investigations and therefore the project costs to a minimum.
  • we discuss the problem in details to provide our customers the best solution regarding costs and quality. E.g. do you really need a RANSE investigation for your fluid mechanical problem – or does a simple “calculation by hand” will do it?

We act responsible for our client, our environment and us!

  • we believe that economic and ecologic aspects are not mutually exclusive. E.g. for operators it is always interesting to reduce the operational costs of their used technology, e.g. the fuel consumption of a container vessel by using energy saving devices. The aim is of course economically driven – but the ecology will also benefit from such an investment.
  • we try to reduce travelling costs to a minimum: After meeting our clients once in person, we prefer to use video/telecons for project meetings – to save money, time and the environment.
  • we are a young company and it is a matter of course for us to act responsible in economic and ecologic aspects in everything we do. Therefore, we do not write “green”, “greener” or “the greenest” with big letters on our business card – we just do it.